Peer Review: My Life At Pace University

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Peer review After a zealous and critical conference session, I received some suggestions, feedback and appraisals from my professor. I decided to incorporate the ideas given to me wherever possible to improve my paper. My professor started her comments by appreciating the personal stories I incorporated in my paper whether it was about my “joint Hindu family” or my life at Pace University. She believed that these stories held a lot of deep meaning. She also commented that the ideas taken from the unit one paper – discourse communities and converting them into a speech was done well for my unit four assignment. After going through my work completely, my professor believed that my speech needed to illustrate to the audience about how they could use my message in their own lives. She required me to expand on the value piece of people getting out of their comfort zones and doing something that scared them, something they never imagined they could. This suggestion helped me think harder about my own experience while preparing my final draft. For my last draft of the speech, I was thrilled to find a quote that summed up my message. I was very excited to share my personal experience and educate people about …show more content…

If people so wish they could do something crazy like sky diving or parasailing or travelling to a different country. I will also be sure to point out that it doesn’t matter if what they do is big or small for other people and that they should do what makes them happy. I also intend on adding some funny comments of to the speech to make it a little entertaining. Despite having many ideas to make my speech better, one central concern I have is about my execution of the speech. I have stage fright and therefore I am not very good at public specking. I can only hope that I will deliver my speech well despite by low

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