Peeta: Not Your Average Baker's Boy

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According to Joseph Campbell, “A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself.” Everyone imagines heroes differently. Heroes do not always have to have supernatural abilities. They can simply be regular people who make a difference in someone’s life. Peeta, from the Hunger Games Trilogy, is a hero in his own way. Peeta is just a regular young man until he is forced to go into the arena and fight to the death on live television. Peeta does not know the effect he is going to have. Peeta gave people hope and faith. Peeta does not try to become a hero, but the choices he makes are what led him to be known as a hero. All heroes come from different backgrounds. In Suzanna Collin’s book The Hunger Games, Peeta is raised in District 12, which specialized in mining. Peeta is a baker’s son. Peeta is stocky build and has a medium height. When Peeta was a child, he saw Katniss Everdeen for the first time at school. He immediately had a crush on her. Peeta has many different skills. states that Peeta has five main skills: baking, painting, speaking, camouflage and strength. Since Peeta is the son of a baker, he is very fond of baking. That is where his painting abilities came from. Peeta would help his parents decorate cakes and other pastries. Peeta, also, has great speaking skills. He can always get people to like him and make them feel at ease. He is good at using nature around him to camouflage him. One time in the

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