Penelope, By Penelope And Odysseus

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Penelope, Son of Laertes
Jose Vasquez

Mostly throughout the Odyssey, Penelope and Odysseus struggle against the idea of possessing an incomplete home or not being at home for a long time. However, after accepting defeat for a long period of time, the two begin quest out to resolve their problems, and in the process, the two illustrate similar aspects of how to resolve a situation involving errors within an oikos. In other words, I am claiming that Penelope utilizes the same manner of defense as Odysseus when she is in unfavorable situation involving the two’s oikos. In this paper, I will argue that Penelope is the female version of Odysseus because Penelope upholds the customs of her time to avoid shame originating from her suitors, …show more content…

With shame attached to his name, he loses his honor as hero. As a result, the two immortal creatures allow Odysseus to leave their because they had realized that winning the heart of the hero with cunning tactics is impossible. This is the exact manner of defense Penelope utilizes to prevent any marriage to occur with the suitors. She uses the custom of fidelity as a defense mechanism by stating that she will break her fidelity with another suitor when she finishes weaving her web. With her utilizing the defense mechanism, she is leading the suitors to feel like they have a chance and resulting them to leave her in peace, and allowing time for Odysseus to come back assuming he is still alive. To continue, Penelope desires to restore her oikos with her heroic patience. For instance, Penelope desperately desires for her oikos to be complete by having her son, Telemachus, and husband, Odysseus, back home in Ithaca, “But now my son, my darling boy-the whirlwinds have ripped him out of the halls without a trace! I never heard he’d gone- not even from you, you hard, heartless … not one of you even thought to rouse me from my bed, though well you knew when he boarded that black ship” (4:819-824). With already losing her husband for ten years, she is informed that her son, Telemachus, has left Ithaca and the suitors plan to ambush

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