People Are Affected By Cancer

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So many people are affected by cancer each year in the US. And too many are dying from it. Each year, about 1.2 million people are affected by cancer in the US. And each year, about 556,000 die from it. Sadly, most of these cancer cases could have been prevented. According to, around one third of deaths from cancer are due to behavioral and dietary habits. Therefore, if people were to watch what they ate, and avoid unhealthy behaviors, the death rate due to cancer would drop significantly, as would the total number of cancer cases. A natural and healthy diet, followed by healthy choices and behaviors, could also help a patient who is diagnosed with cancer to shrink the tumor, or get rid of it permanently, such as in the case of my parents ' dear friend, Ms. Gloria Lopez, or Ms. Gloria, as my brothers and I call her. Ms. Gloria was a healthy, middle-aged woman who lived a simple life and had two young, also healthy daughters. She was a dear friend to the family and always made sure that my brothers and I had a good sized supply of chocolates, sweets, and other goodies. However, Ms. Gloria was at risk of breast cancer. Both her mother and grandmother before her were diagnosed with breast cancer, and died from it. Since Ms. Gloria was next in line, her doctors told her that she was to come for testing every six months just to ensure the cancer didn 't suddenly come up. They also taught her how to perform a self examination, which is when she had to lift up her arm,

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