People You Meet In Heaven

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At some point in everyone’s life we experience thoughts about death, whether they’re positive or negative depends on their outlook on the afterlife. While some view death as only the beginning of their eternal life, others view it as the absolute end. But since this is not scientifically proven, throughout history many authors have been concerned and curious with the uncertainties about the afterlife. Life after death is known mostly through faith, the imagination must make up for what lies beyond. Therefor authors and poets express their beliefs about death through their literary works. Death is something that is very scary to think of, but it will all happen to us at one point or another. This relates to the novel The Five People You Meet in Heaven, the novel follows the protagonist Eddie, throughout his journey through heaven and finds the purpose of the people he meets there. Death plays a prevalent role in the life of Eddie and death made him learn his values and his purpose in life. The…show more content…
Through death, the novel helped us to understand that humanity as a whole is a series of stories, flowing, mixing, and changing in unexpected ways that we might not notice at first glance. We also see that life should not be lived out in the past but the present, and lastly that forgiveness is the only way to live a happy life, and that all earthly grudges and disagreements will be looked upon in heaven. The main message of this book from reader to author is to live life so that you’re happy, and to live life in a way that you make your mark on earth in a positive way while you live. These lessons were given to Eddie once he died, but the author want us to incorporate these life lessons in our daily lives. Life has a purpose. No matter what you do in life, you are here for a reason. You may not even realize what your actions have meant to
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