Percent Population Under Poverty Level In 2000 Essay

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“Percent Population Under Poverty Level in 2000” is a thematic map that displays the amount of people that were living in poverty during the year 2000. The map is of the United
States and It’s scale is approximately 600 miles per inch and is considered a (large/small) scaled map. It is decorated in many color pattern with shades of green, yellow, and red. The data classification of this map is that it is a Choropleth map.
“Percent Population Under Poverty Level in 2000” has an approximate scale of 600 miles per every 1 inch. You can find this information normally near the key of the map. This scale is a
(large/small) scale map. Which is determined by how much detail is shown in the map. If the map is of a larger area with very few details then …show more content…

that were living in impoverish conditions within the year 2000. On the bottom left-hand corner there is a key to help understand the map. The key of a map typically has symbols, patterns, or specific colors that will tell the person looking at the
Savannah Pless map what it is about, what symbol means what, and it will normally show data if it is a thematic map. On this particular map specific colors in the key stand for the amount of people in a region that are living in impoverish conditions. Red is representative of areas containing a higher poverty population and the colors laying between red and dark green, which is the lowest poverty ratio, all decrease from the red. The map “Percent Populations Under Poverty Level in 2000” consists of a pattern over the area covered. Across The United States, there are particular areas that appear to be more susceptible to having people living in poverty. The more southern states on the map experienced more problems with poverty then northern states. Another place that had more impoverish condition, similar to the south would be the North West region of the map. Certain maps can have larger regions than others. On this map it has each individual county outlined which

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