Perception Based On Metaphors And Linguistics

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The primary focus of psychoanalysis is to uncover the underlying factors hidden in a client’s unconscious, and to understand the problems they are facing. In “Wild” Analysis, Freud emphasizes that the responsibility of the therapist goes well beyond stating the interpretation. The therapist must pave the way for the client to understand the repressed thoughts and behaviors to guarantee effective therapy (Freud, 2002, p. 7). A practitioner that enforces the psychoanalytic approach in his practice is Dr. Chad Parlett. Dr. Parlett is a trained psychoanalyst from South Jersey. His work emphasizes on revealing underlining causes that often manifest themselves throughout one’s childhood years. He believes in the talking cure and pushes his …show more content…

We do not mean the simple translation of the significant of the patient’s symptomology into words or the expanding or elaborating on the meaning of that the patient expresses verbally. What we are referring to is supplying the patient our knowledge of the content of his or her mind and the manner in which this content is either expressed or avoided. (p.118) Both Greene and Parlett established this notion that analyzing client disclosures should be much more than what it is on the surface. The interpretation should reveal something new that the consumer was initially blinded from, giving them insight on what they are doing. Thus, the interpretation itself should establish a greater understanding of who the patient is. A therapeutic technique such as journaling may be helpful in monitoring a client’s events and feelings when they are not in session. Although journaling may not be a primal psychoanalytic technique, it does provide a client’s interpretation of their own progress and what coping skills they are currently using. The client could always reference back to the journal during the session which can offer the therapist a new outlook on the situation. This could generate the practitioner’s interpretation. Dr. Parlett incorporates journaling with his theoretical orientation because it gives him more information about the clients. He is then able to give them a more active role in their own treatment. Also, Mark Stone has

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