Perception In The Great Gatsby And Charles Dicken's Great Expectations

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Reality vs Perception In F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel The Great Gatsby and Charles Dicken’s Great Expectations are alike in the idea that money will change the way people -specifically the opposite gender-perceives them . Great Expectations’ character Pip falls in love with the young and rich Estella, but Estella does not reciprocate those feeling back toward Pip due to his poor upbringing. Pip however is given an opportunity to prove himself and earn the money needed to satisfy Estella. As he is learning how to be a gentleman from the rich men in England he begins to forget where he came from and loses his sense of reality whilst chasing the idea of love from Estella. Likewise how Gatsby loses his perception of reality toward his fight for Daisy’s attention. Jay Gatsby's dream of having a perfect life with Daisy Buchanan the rich, East Egg raised, golden girl alters his perception of reality. Daisy will never leave Tom’s security and old money. Gatsby tries to obtain her love and affection with earning money through illegal means and corrupt actions. Fitzgerald uses Gatsby’s undying love toward her and his perseverance to show how people allow dreams to alter their moral compass; affecting their understanding of what is impure and what is pure.Thus allowing their love to hide the reality of situation.
Gatsby's love for Daisy blinds him from perceiving her corruption, therefore causing him to fall in love with an idea. Daisy Buchanan is a rich young woman who has lived her

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