Percy Jackson The Lightning Thief Archetype

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“A hero is a person who has given his or her life than something bigger than oneself.” These are the words of Joseph Campbell and they have a significant meaning in Percy Jackson the Lightning Thief. As in the story, Percy Jackson is willing to face challenges and trying to get the bolt for Zeus so he can bring his mother back into the real world from the underworld. The Lightning Thief symbolizes the hero on a quest archetype.Percy Jackson is made up of Percy is on the quest of trying to get the Lightning bolt to Zeus. There are 12 stages of archetypes. The Archetype begins with the Ordinary world, Call to Adventure, Refuse to love the call, Meeting with the mentor, crossing the first Threshold, test allies, and enemies, approach, ordeal, reward, the road back, resurrection, and it tops off with the return of Elixir. Percy Jackson thinks he’s a “Normal Human” who his dad left him at the age of 7 months. This is the beginning of the Hero's quest in an ordinary world. Percy Jackson follows these 12 stages of the archetype which makes him the Hero of the film. The Three main stages of this archetype that Percy Jackson follows are the Ordinary World, Call to Adventure, and the Return of Elixir. These Three stages will prove the Archetype Of Percy Jackson's quest. The Ordinary World in the Movie Percy Jackson lightning thief is Percy Jackson, a “normal student”, going to High School. Percy Jackson has Dyslexia and ADHD, making his life really difficult. Percy Jackson loves to

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