Essay on Perfect Body Image Has Changed Throughout History

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How many of you have looked at an image of a model, and have mentally questioned why you don't look just as good? Im pretty sure many of you sitting here have done so.
You realise that you feel very self conscious about your overall body image. Body image is defined as the way the person perceives themselves , physically and mentally. Our perception on beauty has been altered disturbingly, ever since media has played a role in society. When we look at celebrities, we generally idealise them , without processing the fact that they’ve been photoshopped, plastered in tons of makeup , used lighting and photographers and most obvious, had previous cosmetic surgeries. We’re completely oblivious to the fact that it is unattainable to be that “ …show more content…

Teenagers and children are a target, as they’re very easily utilised. They easily get teenager and children to buy their products, and by doing so they use advertisements as their idea. They are well aware that if they state in their products that it will improve their appearance, teenagers are more likely to purchase it.

It is proven that models nowadays weigh 23% less than the average woman.Girls believe that to have the ideal body, you need to be toned and slim, wheres for guys being muscular is the definition of perfection. The problem starts to become much severe , when it ultimately leads to serious habits such as eating disorders like anorexia, bulimia and in most cases, suicidal attempts.
Many young teenagers have developed eating disorders, as they sadly use unhealthy habits to manage their weight and that is through skipping meals, fasting, self- induced vomiting, and not to forget excessive exercise. People with anorexia tend to be very skinny, and as when they look into the mirror, they literally see excess body fat. Their minds have tricked them into believing they need to lose more weight to be able to look fit.
Were all preoccupied with our bodies , and dissatisfied with our looks, that most of us are willing to try anything in order to obtain that perfect figure. The standards that are set are unbelievably high, as they’re unrealistic for what the ‘normal’ body figure should be.

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