Perfect Union Speech Analysis

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On March 18 20008, Obama gave a speech on how to make a more perfect union. This speech was to the potential voters in the 2008 election on the comment Reverend Wright made which was talking about the problems America has and trying to divide the nation at that time instead of bringing unity with his comments. He talked about race equality, our soldiers, our next generation and why we need to come together as a proud country. He was honest with what he said because they are all what we are facing today. He talked in favor of all Americans to save his reputation and to make the people vote for him. Future President Barack Obama gave a speech to the potential voters on the comment Reverend Wright made. He wanted to stretch on how we…show more content…
He thought about this stories that reminded him of hope during the church service. He talked about how the congregation stood up in praise of the Reverend when he preached with the tone of hope and survival. In the speech, David represents black people or minors and it shows how they have to fight to get what they want. He called these stories our story, my story to show that he’s part of our struggle even though he becomes the next president “became our story, my story”(paragraph 15, line 7). He added that our death, fears, tears and fate has been released to the whole world which means that everyone is aware of the story of black people and they might take pity on us but that should not define us. Obama used this to appeal to black people that we can overcome whatever obstacle we meet. He also created a connection with the use of alliteration”our trials and triumphs became at once unique and universal”(paragraph 15, line 10 and 11). This strategy is effective because it encourages the people that i’ve given up on our generation by stating the fact that people in the world already know about us and they want to see how we prosper after our challenges. Like the Reverend in the church,…show more content…
In the United States, we have respect for our soldiers and we do not take them for granted. He first set this by using hyperbole “and bleed together “ (paragraph 46, line 2). He exaggerated here to convince the people that he loves and respect the veterans, when he says these, people’s minds shifts to our soldiers that died for the country and kept it safe. They also think about their families and these creates an emotional feeling for Obama and the citizen. He talked about we need to help our soldiers so they will not feel left behind, volunteering to bring them back home and have a better life. To elaborate more on this, he said “we want to talk about how to bring them home from war,” he meant that we shouldn’t be thinking about what this candidate did wrong but how we need to improve and protect it. How we need to come together no matter what your race or gender is so our soldiers will not have to come to the country and fight another unreasonable war. “Bleed together” was established to describe our fallen soldiers.It tells us that noo matter the circumstance, we will still fight,die and win together. In a country there is always a flag that represents what the people stand for or our territory. Future President Barack Obama added “under the same proud flag” (paragraph 46, line 2 & 3) to symbolize our country and how proud we are to be in it because even though we have our
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