Perpetrator From Literature : Norman Bates ( Psycho By Robert Bloch )

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A belligerent human is hostile and is always ready to fight. Villains are always eager to cause pain to others for no reason or because in their mind they think it is right. People who are violent can cause agony to people near them, even if they are family or friends. In this essay, various examples in literature, art, theater, and film are presented and in the stories, there is always someone violent causing unfairness to others. In some examples, people fight back, but in others, nothing is done because it is simply too late to do anything. This essay will demonstrate the belligerent human and the causes and effect in which a series of complications follow. Perpetrator from Literature: Norman Bates (Psycho by Robert Bloch) The antagonist in the book Psycho is Norman Bates, described as a 40-year-old man who owns a motel along with his mother. Later in the story, Norman murders his own mother along with her boyfriend by poisoning them and framing it as a murder-suicide. After this, he was admitted to a mental institution and developed a violent split personality causing him to think he is his mother. After being diagnosed sane, he continues to work at the motel. Subsequently, he receives a customer named Mary Crane which Norman invites to his house to have dinner. After dinner, she goes to her room to shower, not knowing that Norman was in the other room watching her. Norman had been drinking and after some time, he blacks out and his split personality takes

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