Persepolis : Marjane Satrapi 's Persepolis

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Persepolis is a graphic novel by Marjane Satrapi, this graphic novel was based on the eyes of a Ten year old that experiences all types of emotions before and after the Islamic revolution, the oppression from the leaders. This novel gives us a brief on the history of Iran and their leaders, to the Embassy being taken over, via how they weren’t allowed to party. They also experience prohibition just like the United States in the 1920-1933 and like many countries they didn’t have any freedom. In the novel we saw a great deal of fear of failure, hardship and prejudice in the country of Iran. This is where we see Marjane’s morals and values had to be compromised her parents supported her and still let her have a childhood, but Marjane would get in trouble after she was rebelling against the “cultural revolution”. Reality assumption is based on how true and factual an assumption is, sometimes they are taken for granted. In the graphic novel, “Persepolis” Marjane has different assumptions about the war, and her faith. “The reason for my shame and for the revolution is the same:The difference between social classes.” (Pg 33) Marjane sees a conflict between the war and the way social class is run in this line. The way that the social class works is by you can’t be mixed with the rich and poor classes.
You’re not allowed to get married or even talk to somebody that isn’t the same as your social class. In the war we see the conflict of being free as a nation or to wear the veil.
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