Persepolis : The Story Of An Iranian Child Meeting Westernized Culture

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Persepolis: the story of an Iranian child meeting Westernized culture
Works in Translation Paper
English A: Literature HL

Catalina Pino-Rios
XXXXX (Candidate Number)
Mrs. Smithson
May 2017
Bethesda Chevy Chase High School
Word Count: 1207

Many people from around the world have a different perspectives of what western culture really is depending on where you are in the world, or what cultures and religions you follow. Some see is at a place of wealth, self-expression, or opportunity. While other places see it as a place of freedom away from the harsh realities they are facing in their own homes. Some countries, like Iran see “western culture” as a negative thing because it causes iranian …show more content…

The West was an area of creativity and freedom that many outsiders are not able to have. With socially constricting rules to follow on how to dress and what to believe in, self discovery becomes harder to achieve for an individual. For those who must live with imprisoning boundaries forced upon them, like women in the middle east, individualism is almost impossible. For teens in these strict middle eastern, islamic controlled countries it is very hard to build a person 's individuality and therefore create who they want to be as adults. In these specific countries young girls, and women in general, are disempowered because they have to conform to their governments ideals for their very own society. These women’s conformity becomes a routine for them, that even they start believing that there is no way out of their societies ideals.
Many times in Iran, Western women, who have their own style, who have their own opinion, reputation and power,who have their own personality and individuality, are the role models of these eastern women. Young girls use them as an inspiration of what they hope to achieve when building their character. In Marjane Satrapi’s graphic novel persepolis the female protagonist from the middle Eastern culture has a desire to empower her own identity by using western media and their image of an independant woman, as well as role models they encounter. It’s difficult to creates one’s identity, especially if you are a women

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