Perseus Mythology

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Imagine you had the power to control certain things in life, what would you do? In the book Heroes, Gods, and Monsters of the Greek Myths, by Bernard Evslin there is a strong connection between Zeus, Theseus, and Perseus. They all have incredible skills and very independent because they can do things that are inconceivable. All three of them are amazing fighters and can destroy anything in its path. These three gods are able to fight mythological creatures and monsters because they are brave, strong, and smart. These three characters from Heroes, Gods, and Monsters of the Greek Myths are able to fight these monsters and other mythological creatures because of their bravery. In the book, it said that “Perseus grew up to be a strong; fearless …show more content…

Being short might not have been a bad for Theseus because he learned how to use his opponent strength against them. Like in the gull’s riddle “ A very important one.The answer is this: do not fear the size of the enemy’s size , but use it against him” (Evslin, 147). This is how Theseus was able to fight the Minotaur and many other monsters that crossed during his journey because without it Theseus would never be able to outsmart all those creatures. Like, when he encounters Pityocamptes and the pine-bender made Theseus hold a tree that Pityocamptes and when he bends down to see, he was hit by the tree instead. This skill made him seem a lot like Zeus because during his battle against Cronos he was able to make the earthquake and tidal waves roll. Zeus and his army had to use so much energy and strength in order for thunder to rumble and mountains shatter. This makes him have many similarities with Perseus because he was able to cut off Medusa's head. Zeus, Theseus, and Perseus was able to use bravely to fight monsters and other creatures. Without being braze they would never be able to have to courage to do these

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