Essay on Perseverence of Gabriela Cantu Cabrera

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Born and raised in a small farm where she lived a long time in poverty, but managed to be strong for the good of her family and herself. Here is the story of a woman who had many difficult moments in her life, but even though she managed to keep going and doing better than before.

Gabriela Cantú Cabrera was born in Sabinas Hidalgo, Nuevo León on March 24, 1974. She is the third child of a family of five. When she was a little girl she lived in “El Tanque”, a little community in Paras that to this day there are only a few families left in there. When she was in junior high school her family moved to Agualaguas where she lived there for 3 years, then she moved to Sabinas Hidalgo.

Gaby’s family was poor when she was really little; she
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Five years after her first child she got pregnant again, and in June 26 of 2002 she had another baby girl who was named Mariana, because that was the name of one of her great-great grandmother. Ten years after that Gabriela got pregnant again, but just as the first time there was a complication that left her in the hospital for a few weeks. After the disillusionment of having another baby was vanished of the third time she would have never though that she was going to get pregnant again. One year after this misfortune (in 2011), she got pregnant again and had another beautiful baby girl who was named Camila.

Her life in Sabinas was quite simple, she stayed at home with her kids, and her husband went to work. They lived in the same house as her parents-in-law, because they didn’t had enough money to buy one. In 2003 her sister-in-law and her husband offered Gabriela and Edgar a big opportunity, they were giving them the opportunity to leave Sabinas, and start a life in the city. This job opportunity her sister-in-law have her and her husband was something she says she would have never imagined, without this her life would have stayed the same and she would have never succeed in any way. After many years of saving their money, they were finally able to make an investment that would benefit them in the future. Once they moved to Monterrey her life was again difficult, with two daughters and a full time job she was not able to spend time with her kids.
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