Personal Cultural Family Model. To Acknowledge And Understand

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Personal Cultural Family Model
To acknowledge and understand the diversity of childrearing beliefs and practices among families, we must first acknowledge and understand our own beliefs and practices. Children are very diverse people who have been raised a specific way and must understand that they are vastly different from others. It is important that “helping” professionals show their students compassion, support, and understand the many different family and cultural backgrounds.
It is believed that the Moody family originated in Europe and our branch of ancestry migrated to the United States (Texas) quite some time ago. The story of the family history has not been passed down throughout our branch of the family since the people
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Jordan and Sarah, my other two roommates, grew up about thirty minutes from my hometown in Pearland, Texas and since moving to college have lived together. We all get along well and understand that we grew up from different backgrounds, but if we talk about any issues that arise, we can work out the problems. The hardest thing about moving in with random roommates was assessing the cleanliness of the apartment since I am OCD and expect the common areas in our apartment to be spotless.
As a child who grew up in what is considered as the “western” world, my family values children and members to be independent and assertive. From a young age, children in the United States are taught how to talk to others, request needs that they would like to be filled, and comment on situations that they are in. These values are independent since the child can talk for themselves and request anything they may need.
Discipline Approaches Growing up in an authoritarian parenting style, my father always had the last say in discipline and we did not have the chance to explain ourselves and try to bargain during the punishment process. The primary disciplines that were used in our household at a young age was timeout and once we reached the age of five or six it transformed to spanking and getting grounded from any technology that we
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