Personal Experience: Dream to Reality

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Jaenna set the bird on a stone and eased the arrow from it's breast. Poor lil creature, she thought. All tha places it migh've flown had it's life not just been snuffed...

She squated down over a puddle a few paces away and swashed the arrow's head around in the water. As the ripples disappated, Jaenna gazed straight down at her reflection. She imagined that the hair that dangled over her cheeks were wings, albeit, sodden wings. And wondered where she would fly if they were. She bobbed her head slightly up and down...

"What have we here, salypus?" a voice cracked behind her. "A bird with a bird"?

Jaenna was quick to her feet realizing the accent was not like hers.

A swinnish man man skulked near a tree, probably late twenties, but looked twice that.

Jaenna's senses flashed like fire as a knife carved a swath around the bark following the movements of the brute. She raised her chin as if to assure her herself able to handle the situation; and hopefully to assure the little man as well.

Actually, he wasn't that little, maybe a bit short in stature, but he had a hunch in one side of his back and it left an impression. Likely from the oneress work he performed for whatever outfit he became lost from or escaped. One thing was clear, he was from the Badlands; and though not common for one of her ilk to run up against one so close to home, it wasn't exactly rare either.

The wretched man slumped a step forward and adjusted the crooked-nosed helmet on his head by pushing up
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