Personal Experience Essay : My Experience With The Sublime

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My Experience with the Sublime
The sublime is often considered a positive experience, overcome with happiness and joy that one may even cry. My experience, though, is not one of those. This moment of the sublime is one of horror, disgust, and grief. There have been many moments like this one in my life, all with a bitter ending that leaves me thinking about it for years. This one occurrence, though, as simple and normal it is, is one that still haunts me.
You see, I have always been attached to animals, often more-so than humans. I’ve justified this by saying animals have a sort-of innocence about them: They can do no wrong. But it may be a bias I have, as I’ve always had an animal by my side to offer support when I experienced aforementioned experiences with the sublime. When I moved in with my now boyfriend, he and his family had two cats, and adding my own, three. I was thrilled, I love cats with a passion. I have spent months of my life tending to one of my cats before, and her litter, in which my current cat is a part of.
My own cat, Avie, was quickly accepted into the home by the other cats, and because of the positivity he received he went from a depressed, shy cat who barely ate or drank, to a happy, playful, and cuddly friend. Soon, I felt my own depression fade, surrounded by happy, affectionate cats, and a surely supportive new-found family. I felt like my life could be no better. I spent years of my life here, and in those years I formed a bond to the other cats

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