The Last Meow Summary

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In an article “The Last Meow” published in The New Yorker in 2003 the author Burkhard Bilger states “Americans now spend $19 billion a year on veterinary care for their pets, up from $11 billion just seven years ago. Add to that the cost of pet food and other supplies, and the number rises to $47 billion, nearly three times as much as the federal government spends on welfare grants” (Bilger, part 7, paragraph 48) Bilger claims “clearly our love affair with animals has gotten out of control”(Bilger, part 8, paragraph 49). It is a sad state of affairs that Americans spend 15 billion on welfare in this country, and some squabble over money spent on helpless loving animals owned by hard working loving Americans.. America is the land of opportunity…show more content…
An animal can be the best thing to happen to a person. As the old saying goes: a dog is a man's’ best friend. People share their homes with their furry friends and gain relationships that are remembered until, perhaps, the rest of their days- just like an old friend. In Bilger’s article, he mentions the relationship between Lady, the sick cat, and her owners, Karen and Shawn Levering, and why the couple was so willing to give up so much for her. “If they were willing to go this far for a cat, it was partly out of a sense of misfortune. But mostly it was a matter of love” (Bilger, part 1, paragraph…show more content…
“In the early nineteen-seventies, for instance, the biologist Erika Friedmann, of Brooklyn College, studied how heart-attack patients respond to social support. Patients who had a dog or cat, she found, were more than four times as likely to survive a year after a heart attack than those who didn’t have a pet” (Bilger, part 3, paragraph 21). If the research is done, it is easy to see that humans generally live longer if they own a pet. Caring for a pet can be emotional also. Sharing a living space with another living being will allow you to get attached to them and build relationships you probably had never thought you’d have before. In the article, The Last Meow, it explains how Karen had suffered injuries in an accident and found later that she could not get pregnant. Knowing that she could not start a family and living in pain everyday was taking a toll on her mentally and emotionally. However, when they had started caring for their cats, she found a way to fill her depression. “Karen had studied enough psychology to suspect that her feelings for Lady were party misplaced mothering instincts, but she also knew that relationships like theirs could have a particular intensity” (Bilger, part 3, paragraph 21). Owning the cats made her happy. It is obvious why she would go through debt just to save the
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