Personal Experience: My Father Went to Jail in My Dream

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My father and I used to play a game together. Every morning, when I was 3, as the sun would rise, he would come into my room and knock on the side table of my bed. I would always pretend to be asleep until he knocked, and then I would jump into my father’s arms. We called our little game “Knock, knock” and played it every single day. However, one day, the knocks stopped coming. My father was no-where. I was fatherless.
I constantly asked my mother where my father had gone. I wanted to resume our daily game of “Knock, knock”. She would not say a word to any of my questions. Yet, one day, a small tear rolling from her eyes answered them all. Eventually, she got a telephone call explaining where my father was. The news was bittersweet. My mother wouldn’t tell me anything, except that we were going on a short drive. We hopped into the car, neither of us knowing how the day would turn out. The drive seemed to last years, aging each one of us to a new level of maturity in preparation for the meeting with my father. We finally stopped at the Georgia County Jail. I looked at my mother in shock, unable to believe that this was where my father was. A small nod and the look of her eyes told me she felt the same confusion I did. She pulled me inside, where I saw lots of brown faces. I scanned each of them quickly, desperately looking for my father. I saw him and beamed with joy! My father was merely 10 feet away from me. I ran up to him, trying to play our old game of “Knock, knock”,

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