Personal Experience: Rat Battles

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RATS! brown rats, grey rats, anorexic rates, obese rats, aggressive rats, timid rats, paranoid rats-We had them all, lots of them and waged war on them for over a decade. They lived in the old dilapidated, unpainted granary that leaned against, and shared a common wall with, our barn. This outmoded granary was built flat on the ground which allowed the rats to excavate multiple tunnels and runways under it. It was the grand rat hotel of the area. An old adage about rats is “If you see one rat in the day time there are dozens of others you don’t see.” If that’s true, then that granary housed and fed literally hundreds of rats. The rats were so numerous that they kept our 10 cats well fed. We probably should have put them on Lipitor. The large numbers of rodents did require the cats exercise some caution when “rat-ing” however, and, so most times, they hunted in pairs for safety. But, even 10 cats had little effect on the resident rat population, so we were forced to search for other ways to battle and rid ourselves of these offending rodents. One method that we tried involved placing a container full of water near one of their main thoroughfares and covering the surface with a layer of their favorite grain. We carefully placed a short 1X 6 against the container to provide a ramp for their access. The whole idea was they were supposed to get so excited…
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