Personal Financial Advisors

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The World of Personal Financial Advisors
Personal financial advisors give financial advice to people; they provide advice on investments, insurance, mortgages, college savings, estate planning, taxes, and retirement to help individuals manage their finances. Advisors help clients plan for short and long term goals, such as meeting education expenses and saving for retirement through investments. They invest clients’ money based on the clients’ decisions. Financial advisors spend a lot of time marketing their services, and they meet potential clients by giving seminars or through business and social networking. Having a good relationship with their clients gives financial advisors insight on how to create a financial strategy that reflects your
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Advisors meet with clients in person to discuss their financial goals, explain the types of financial services they provide to potential clients. Educate clients and answer questions about investment options and potential risks, recommend investments to clients or select investments on their behalf, help clients plan for specific circumstances, such as education expenses or retirement. Monitor clients’ accounts and determine if changes are needed to improve the performance or to accommodate life changes, such as getting married or having children and research investment opportunities. Financial Advisors monitor the clients’ investments and usually meet with each client at least once a year to update the client on potential investments and to adjust the financial plan based on the clients circumstances or because investment options may have changed. Most financial advisors are licensed to directly buy and sell financial products, such as stocks, bonds, annuities, and insurance. Based upon the client, financial advisors can make the decision about buying and selling stocks and bonds. Financial advisors help plan a safe, comfortable future for their clients, but they’re also called upon when the unexpected occurs in their clients’ finances, they will step in and make sense of these fiscal troubles and create a plan for moving forward. Sometimes personal financial advisors will seek advice from…show more content…
For the most part they travel to attend conferences and or teach finance classes in the evening to build their clientele. Financial advisors work tends to be less stressful than other financial occupations. Advisors held about 249,400 jobs in 2014. A consultation is the initial part of the process when a personal financial advisor works with a client, this in-person meeting will involve creating a financial plan that can help a client with recommended improvements, investments or any identifiable problems. The employment of financial advisors from many industries such as, other financial investment activities 29%, securities and commodity contracts intermediation and brokerage 23%, credit intermediation and related activities 16%, management of companies and enterprises 3%, and professional, scientific, and technical services 3%. One in five personal financial advisors was self-employed in 2014. The employment of personal financial advisors is projected to grow 30 percent from 2014 to 2024, much faster than the average for all occupations. Most advisors work a full time schedule and about 3 in 10 worked more than 40 hours per week in 2014. The prospect of jobs for personal financial advisors should be relatively favorable compared with prospects in other financial sector occupations. Financial advisors who were to get certified would have the best prospects for jobs. Financial advisors are ranked
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