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Running head: PERSONAL HERITAGE ASSESSMENT AND ITS USEFULNESS Personal heritage assessment and its usefulness April 15, 2012 Personal heritage assessment and its usefulness INTRODUCTION: In this paper, the writer will focus on the usefulness of applying a heritage assessment in evaluating the needs of person as a whole, three different family’s opinions on health maintenance, health protection and health restoration. Also this paper will identify health traditions as regards to cultural heritage of the writer, then how the three families interviewed in this paper follow their customs and how important their traditions and practices are to them. Heritage can be described as the degree of which one’s lifestyle reflects his/her…show more content…
Jarvis (2011) Culturally sensitive: With the full knowledge of heritage assessment of a whole person, nurses who the caregivers will be able to develop some constructive attitudes towards the diverse cultural populations found in the setting in which they are practicing. Culturally appropriate: With background knowledge of the patient using heritage assessment tool, the nurse will apply knowledge thereby providing a given person with the best quality health care. Culturally competent: The nurse use this body of knowledge to attend to the total context of the patient’s situation, bearing in mind patient’s immigration status, stress factors, other social factors, and cultural similarities and differences The demographic profile of the United States which is more of immigrant, it is necessary that nurses must develop a body of knowledge in order to meet this challenge of caring for people from diverse cultural, religious and ethnic background. The writer of this paper saw the need to establish knowledge of her own personal heritage not only to help her develop the skills for performing heritage assessments for others(patient) but also to help have the Cultural Competency to know yourself. The saying that “Charity begins at home” applies here. Going by the assessment tool, the writer was born in Nigeria, grew up in Nigeria and her childhood development occurred in the country of origin She migrated to United States as an adult. The grandparents and her

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