Personal Identity In Adolescence

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Human development is a perpetual process that commences with our conception and proceeds until the point where we breathe our last breath. While we remain more stagnant during certain times of our lives, there are others that are loaded with rapid change. One of these periods is adolescence, in which teenagers develop psychosocially, cognitively, and morally. They must undergo these dramatic changes that set a frame for the rest of their lives.
From a psychosocial perspective, Erik Erikson illustrated diverse stages of life as sundry circumstances of contention. The conflict for adolescence is identity versus role confusion. He believed this was the duration when humans must decipher our identity and have a strong feeling of self. We explore through different gregarious relationships and may endeavor different roles. To be successful in this stage of development, however, we must find our personal identity.
This journey for a firm identity along with the cognitive and moral maturation adolescents experience all play an integral part in how young teenagers decipher who they are going to be and what their notions are. They are maturing in their coherent considering, their identity, and their moral credence’s. These variable are largely present or developing amid experiences students will have as they “come of age.” It may be their advent of age experience that authentically solidifies their moral development, or that helps them nail down precisely who

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