Personal Identity Research Paper :

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Personal Identity Research Paper I interviewed my nephew, Jeremy, for this assignment. Jeremy and I are members of the same family; but, have different racial, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds. My family is very large, consisting of; six brothers, sister in-laws, my parents, and fifteen nieces and nephews. My brother, Joe, married an African-American women (Sandra) and had two sons; but, they look nothing alike. Surprisingly, Jeremy’s appearance is African-American and Anthony looks Caucasian. I classify myself as a white, Irish-Italian, American, woman. My mother emigrated from Belfast, Northern Ireland and my paternal grandparents came to America from Sicily, Italy. In contrast, Jeremy considers himself black (not bi-racial) and relates to the black community. Bowles, (1993) states, a majority of bi-racial children identify themselves as African-American. Not to mention, both black and white communities discourage bi-racial children from associating themselves with both cultures (Bowles, 1993). My maternal grandfather nurtured my ethnic and cultural development. He instilled me with pride and appreciation for my Irish roots. Specifically, he brought me over to Belfast to learn and experience the culture. I learned firsthand about religious intolerance from the hostility between the Protestants (my religion) and Catholics. I saw families torn apart because a mother was one religion and the father another. Despite the threats of terrorism and bombings I
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