Personal Motivation For The Hacu National Internship Program

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1. What is your personal motivation to apply for the HACU National Internship Program?
Barrio Logan is a neighborhood located half an hour from the border. This neighborhood was featured in Gangland, a TV show about dangerous gangs in America. A neighborhood where industries and factories shared the same air as people 's homes. At one point, Barrio Logan had one of the highest asthma related emergency room visits in California. The living conditions that residents were subjected to were under what we would consider a dignified quality of life. This is attributed by many, including myself, to the lack of educated residents in Barrio Logan: only 34% of Barrio Logan residents 25 and older have a high school diploma and less than 4% have a bachelor 's degree or higher. I am one of the few people of Barrio Logan with a high school diploma. I will also be one of the few to graduate from college. I was privileged enough to receive the education I obtained. It is because of that education that I understand that my community deserves better, not better than everyone else just better than what we have experienced. Through schooling, I have learned that I have the potential to effect change. I am a strong believer that education is the great equalizer and all I want is to provide access to higher education for all. Interning for a federal agency or corporation will expose me to the systems that allow for our country to function, providing the knowledge I need to impact the lives of

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