Personal Narrative: A Career As A Supervisory Immigration Inspector

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As a Supervisory Immigration Inspector for one of the largest port of entries in the United States, we had over 300 hundred inspectional personal to guide in all the different directions that were under our responsibility. As I stated in the interview, most of our staff was ex-military. There are different leadership styles that work best with military and others that work with any professional experience. With extreme conditions that were present during most of each and every day, officers needed help in coping. The employees needed to know that management had their back so to say.

Los Angeles International airport does not close. Flights are late and realistically a 24 hour operation. An officer could essentially be tasked to work more than 16 hours days. So the stress builds up with anyone. We created a plan that would take one team out of action for more than one day. This team would have a change to relax. The supervisor would …show more content…

The training taught us when the best time to be commanding, visionary, affiliative, democratic, pacesetting, and coaching leaders. They broke us away on only task-oriented leadership styles and more for people-oriented leadership ways. The training tried to be more hands on to treat each people as an individual and bring them into a team.

On my team’s time away from normal duties, I tried something new; I gave them beginning supervisor training. I brought them into a management’s point of view. Most were non-commissioned officers in the military and had specialized training according to their particular service. When we returned, I had each one work as an acting supervisor for a period of time. I attempted to give them an introduction to learning and career advancement. Since I had a few prior supervisors at their previous companies, all would be tasked with the responsibilities that a supervisor would

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