Staffing Issues With The Virginia Police Department

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Eventually, every organization faces staffing challenges. However, the difference lies in the manner a company reacts to staffing issues. Staffing issues can be internal, external, or both. In addition, the intensity levels of the issues may vary from company to company. Recently, the Virginia State Police suffered from several staffing issues. This paper will address the specific staffing concerns with the Virginia Police Department, the ineffectiveness of the situation illustrated in the article, and ways the police department could have done differently or prepared itself better.
The Virginia State Police has experienced a rise in staffing issues which include staffing shortages because of poor recruitment, an increase in retirements, poor salaries, and retention issues. However, these issues also occur in other counties around the country. Many local police officers execute their duties, along with the duties of the state police officers. Beyond the low salaries of police officers, the department lacks the proper equipment it needs to perform the jobs well. The lack of money, equipment, and resources has caused low employee morale, which resulted in many police officers quitting or retiring.
The article also discusses the challenges of attracting and recruiting police officers. Many police departments pay higher than the state police department, which tends to draw the police officers’ attention. Currently state police departments have to decide how to attract police

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