Personal Narrative: A Day In Prison Cells

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There was a piece of paper beside the woman with most of the writing on it crossed out except for the word goodbye which meant the cashier truly hated her job. While I was trying to find a magazine with a celebrity's picture on it an impossible task for me since the last celebrity I cared and knew about died on December 8, 1980 Lucas was watching the cashier scan our purchases. I found a magazine that had the words affair, musician, and actress on its cover then placed this generation's source of news and knowledge onto the counter. The cashier bagged our groceries, counted our change, and handed us our receipt. The cashier told us goodbye as we walked out of the pharmacy, but it was so full of sorrow I was sure it was actually a goodbye to…show more content…
After five minutes of fighting Lucas sat down in the back seat and slammed the door in the face. I could have easily pulled the door off and sent it hurtling into the road colliding with a number of cars and pedestrians, but I would have preferred not to spend the night in a prison cell. The feeling of possible death surrounded my heart as I sat down in the passenger seat and almost hit my head on the dashboard when Charlotte pulled out of the parking lot and onto the road all before I had my seat belt on. Charlotte parked the car in front of the hotel I jumped out of the car thought about kissing the ground then remembered I didn't feel like getting sick and grabbed the sunglasses out of the trunk. I carefully placed the sunglasses over Samantha's eyes so people wouldn't know she was asleep and leaned her up against Lucas and Alexander's shoulders. I grabbed the three grocery bags out of the trunk and turned my gaze to the…show more content…
Charlotte eventually came walking down the hallway I started pushing myself up the wall, but my pants were glued to the carpet. Lucas, Charlotte, Alexander, and Samantha walked into their bedrooms so they could put the boxes and the unconscious detective up then they pried me off the floor. Of course my pants had to rip my friends all laughed at me, and I won't lie I contemplated killing all of them, but I didn't really feel like being all alone in this world so I didn't. Lucas ripped the sunglasses of Samantha's face and threw them into the trashcan. Alexander laid the detective on the couch in Charlotte's bed and covered her up with a blanket he got out of one of our closets. The blanket of course was stained just like everything else in this hotel and smelled a dead fish that's been out in the sun too long. Charlotte and me put up the groceries then we all gathered in my room to figure how we would break the spell Jacob had placed on Samantha's
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