Personal Narrative : A Personal Experience At Tatchtown High School?

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As I walked the halls of Dutchtown High School, I felt like everyone was out to get me. Are my friends really my friends? Why is everyone worried about someone else? As I woke up for school, all I could think about is how my life felt like a never ending tunnel of stress. Being at Dutchtown High School was the last place I wanted to be at for 7 hours a day, 5 days a week- but school isn’t an option so I found myself present for everyday I had to be there. I came to get an education to live a prosperous life and achieve all my goals, stopping there wasn’t a choice so I hid the pain and isolated myself from the people I called “friends”. I had second block with this girl that was a friend the previous year. She was a black girl with very dark, flowy hair. The pants she wore had her hips, as high schoolers call “poppin’”. Her oversized DTHS spirited shirt fitted very loosely and hung lower enough to halfway cover her huge behind. Very welcoming as she is, she said, “Hey Erica.” but I pretended I didn’t hear her and ignored shamefully. She isn’t my friend, she just want to talk to know all my business and manipulate it to go and tell her friends. Everyday it seemed like my situation got worse. Tons of work was thrown at me, my papa and brother passed, my parents started nagging because my grades weren’t the usual- I had the slightest idea on how to deal with it everything so I didn’t. Pretending there wasn’t enormous balls of negligence attacking me like a game of dodgeball

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