Personal Narrative : A Short Story-A Story?

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It all started with a weird feeling...' 'I knew once I got involved chaos would be released...' 'But who knew it'd end up like this?' 'Why didn't I just listen to myself.' 'What an idiot...' "Let us always meet each other with a smile, for the smile is the beginning of love." - Mother Teresa "Rosie, we're about to leave! You coming?" my dad called out. "Yeah dad! Hang on a sec!" I said. I turned around and walked a little towards my mother's picture. She was such a beautiful woman with beautiful strawberry blond curls. I missed her. I missed her a lot. "Hey mom. I really miss you... We all do... I'm gonna finish my third year of high school today." I said to the motionless picture. I took a deep breath. I knew she wasn't listening yet, I still talk to her. "I swear I'm gonna kill the 'thing' that took your life..." I felt disappointed that there was no one there to respond to me, even though I knew from the start that no one would. "No use Rose, she can't hear you. She's gone...." I know it sounds like I was over her death, but I'm not. It hurt to say that. It hurt to say the truth. So, I just don't. That's why I talk to 'her'. To distract myself from the truth. "C'mon Rose! Hurry up!" my brother, Atlas, called out. I jump a little, just remembering about school. "Coming!" I said. I rushed to the door. Then, I paused and turned around. "See ya... Mom..." I turned back around and exited the room. I went downstairs then went outside and got in the car.

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