Personal Narrative: A Short Story

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I was on the verge of death, but death couldn’t catch me. It wasn’t a typical Friday. It was finals week, and that meant as soon as I got out of that last exam of my sophomore year I was off to meet my friends for lunch, followed by a party to celebrate completing another year and officially becoming junior. My friend, Michelle, along with her friend Josie, my sister, Armina and I were in my sisters car with the music all the way up and completely pumped to start our summer. We had just returned from Panera Bread and were on our way to the party. Thanks to having a senior sister, we went to a party where we ended up hanging out with an older crowd. As we drove up you could tell it was going to be wild. Cars and cars packed next to each other, there had to have been over 100 people there. I was …show more content…

During the party, people were doing the typical things like dancing, taking shots, talking, flirting, and living their teenage lives. “Cheers to the end of the school year!” A shirtless guy screamed as he stood on a table and chugged two cans of Bud Light at once. The crowd started to cheer and the party officially started. The night went well and it started to getting late. My friends and I decided to go home. I was exhausted and it only took about three minutes in the car until I was fast asleep due to the previous long night of studying for finals. Suddenly, there was a speeding flash of color, and I was flying through the air. My sister's eyes saw everything. There was the sound of glass shattering all over. I did not hear my sister or friends screaming. All I heard were my dreams. I woke up on the road. The thick bloody pavement was as hard and cold as ice. My head was split open. The blurry lights made me think it was all a dream. I got up off the ground. The car’s lights scared me, and I was in complete shock. I started running around screaming. The yell of my sister saying, “Elma,” real loud made me turn around. I ran and ran till I

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