Personal Narrative : A Short Story

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Screaming, crashing, it all happened so fast. I lay on the ground paralyzed from fear. Even though the screaming stopped a few minutes ago I still hear the screams in the back of my mind. I have to move I thought, but I can’t, i can't even process what happened. This can't be real I think.
“Annabeth! Annabeth! Get up! You need to get up!“ I hear someone yell.
“Lexi” I whisper as I realize that the person yelling at me is my little sister, Lexi. I sit up and look around my head pounding.
“Please, please be ok.” I whisper to myself as I look around for her. When I see her she is struggling to get her foot out from under a piece of metal, her forehead was cut open, blood and tears were running down her face. She was covered in scratches and dirt. I stand up pain shooting up my leg, I need to help her. I run to her ignoring the pain in my leg.
“Lexi, are you okay?” I ask. She doesn't answer me, she just stares. I must look just as bad as her, I think.
“What happened?” she asks me confused.
“The...the plane... it crashed Lexi!”
“Wha… what?”
“Look around Lexi, look where we are! The back of the plane came off… and… now look we’re in the forest!” I start to freak out as everything sets in.
“Annabeth” she whispers but I don't pay attention “Annabeth!” she yells this time.
“Look around, I think that we’re the only ones that are alive.” I look around at the plane and the forest. The back of the plane was missing and one of the wings is broken in half, there are giant

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