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Personal narrative draft When I was 3 years old, just 19 months after my sister was born, we went on a trip to Florida. We had to wake up at about 3:00 a.m. ,because it takes us an hour to get are luggage in the truck and to get everyone up and dressed. Our truck was a black Suburban. It took an hour and a half to get the airport, an hour or two to get our 3 bags of luggage on the plane,to get breakfast,to get coffee for my Mom, Dad, Nana Pat, and, Papa Daryl. Finally, we got a security check for all of us. Then,we went to go find our gate where our plane was. Then we finally found our gate. We walked in through the door that was open and we walked through a long tunnel like thing to get onto our plane. When we were stepping onto our plane, I could see the path that the plane was on. There's a little crack. A crack in between the plane and that little ramp thing that you walk on to get into the plane. Our plane was Delta. After all of that we we’re getting on the plane. We found our sets and sat in them and buckled up we were ready for our flight. Were on a plane I was really excited about the trip, when we took off it was going down the runway faster and faster then all of a the sudden the plane was going up off the ground then we were in the sky floating forward. Then the plane was going fast whenever I looked out the window everything on land and not in the air looked tiny it was an amazing site from up above. It felt like we were flying with the birds.

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