Personal Narrative-Abolishing A Store

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“Okay, we’ll be there.” Darry replied before hanging up.
After putting the phone back in I felt that whole world spinning. Steadying myself, I took a quick moment to rest. “What should I do now?” I thought to myself, the fuzz’ll be here any moment and Dally had been abolishing a store item last time I saw him. Thinking back to what Johnny said earlier, I decided to go back to the store where I had seen Dally. Walking towards the store, I gradually started to gain speed as I noticed the alarm had started to ring in the direction of the store, despite the injuries from the rumble and my aching body. Running like the wind, Dally had exited the door and was on his way towards what seemed like another phone booth on the side of the street. Funny how I had never seen that there. I ran in the same direction, hoping the gang would get here soon, I reached the booth and stood in the way, between the phone and Dally. Surprised , he stared at my figure for a second, like he was taking in that I was actually standing right there, blocking him. “Get out of my way, Pony.” He said firmly, a couple dollar bills escaping from his back pocket. …show more content…

The cops’ll arrest you again , or even worse for robbin’ that store Dally!” I stammered, “We need to go back now.”
“Of course they will! Get out of my way kid.”
Right then, the striking realization took me that he wanted the cops to come, he wanted to get caught and he wanted to die. And Dallas Winston always got what he wanted; Except this time. Just then, a familiar voice shouted something from the other side of the street, clearly out of breath and worried. “Darry...? Steve...?” Dally exclaimed bewildered, whipping his head around as he saw the whole gang appear. “I didn't even call you guys yet..” He whispered. “What’re you guys doing here?”
“What's going on here?” Said Darry as he approached Dally and

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