Personal Narrative: Air Force Basic Training

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Did I make it? That was the question I was asking myself the night before what was going to be one of the most special days of my life. After being called to leave for Air Force Basic Training on a short 8-day notice, I was now finally at the end of my journey and tomorrow I would graduate and become an Airmen. The nerves and excitement were running through my body as I was unable to sleep in anticipation of the big day. Now the day is here and I get to celebrate all my hard work by seeing my family and earning the title of an Air Force Airmen.
It’s been a long eight and a half weeks and today is finally the day. As Reveille on the bugle blasted through the squad bay, we all jumped out of bed with pure joy and excitement knowing that all our
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This was a moment to show everyone how far we had come during our time at basic training. After changing into our uniform, we were all presented with the Airmen’s Coin which symbolized that we had passed basic training and were now a part of the United States Airforce. This moment was both exciting and made me speechless to know that now I was going to have the opportunity to serve my country in a new way.
Now that I was officially an Airmen, I was able to go reunite with my parents. This experience was a flood of emotions as I now could hug and talk to my mom and dad. My parents being there to watch me gain my greatest success thus far in life meant everything and I could not have done it without their love and support. Being able to be a part of something so important to our country is so humbling and the day I graduated from Air Force Basic Training is a day of success that I will carry with me for the rest of my
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Going through and graduating Air Force Basic Training changed me both physically and mentally as a person. First, physically the experience taught me how to push my self in ways that I had never before and accomplish tasks that before seemed impossible. Also, my experience changed me mentally by teaching me how to be strong in stressful situations and how to handle situations in a calm and collected manner. My experience of graduating from basic training did not change my perception on society, but instead it gave me a group of people that have been through the same experience and have the same passions to serve our
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