Personal Narrative: Alcohol And Drinking

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“Pour me another shot!” I yell across the kitchen. I was already four deep but with each one, you gain a little more tolerance so why not make it five. Plus, being sixteen and getting completely obliterated means you are fitting in. This means people like you, even if that means they only like when they are drunk. My family approved of my drinking habits since they are raging full blooded southern Italians, in fact, that next shot I’m about to take is with my mom and about five of my coworkers from our family restaurant who are all under the age of twenty-one. Drinking as a minor was seen as normal as breathing in my home. You just didn’t think twice about it. My parents view on partying and drinking was something that confused me but I was not going to question it otherwise, it would probably get revoked.…show more content…
About six months after my initial hit, someone laced my batch with something awful, and my whole body was just about paralyzed for about six hours. It felt like I had zero control over my limbs. This put me into such a severe anxiety attack that weed was no longer worth it for me. The alcohol stayed in my life like a loyal friend though. It never made me sick, it was always accessible, and I knew how alcohol and I got a long. It was a match made in heaven or so I thought. What I didn’t know about alcohol is that it makes people, myself included, just spill what’s ever on their mind to the person sitting closest to them. I happened to be the victim of this verbal vomit which spewed out my best friend’s mouth. He confessed his love for me at three am on a saturday morning on my couch. See, If I was smart and was not a naive, drunk, teenager, I would’ve known that was just a ruse to get some but unfortunately I did not. He knew I had feelings for him, and he used that to his drunk advantage. These middle-of-the-night-in-my-downstairs-bathroom drunk rendezvous happened for a few months until something would
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