Personal Narrative-Algebra

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How often does somebody in their teenage years wet themselves in middle of class? I just so happen to know a girl like that. Part of it was even my fault. It all happened during fifth period Algebra. I had set down all of my books, got my necessary tools and started the assigned textbook page. I took a small break to stretch, eat few almonds my classmate, Paige Marie Caskey, had given me earlier, and crack my joints. That is when she decided to ask me for a calculator. I told her that she could get it herself. Paige responded with, “But I really have to pee and don’t feel like getting up!” We waited for some time as she continued to use Riley’s calculator. After about five minutes she got frustrated and decided to get her own. Paige fot up and plucked her calculator from its container. However, I decided it would be hilarious if she peed her pants. …show more content…

I had accomplished my mission. She ended up hunching over, dropping her calculator to the floor, and just letting it all out. When she stood up straight again, she shouted, “Ooh boy! That all just rushed right out! No more almonds for you, Micaya.” Of course the rest of our friends, Riley, Taylor, and Angelina, burst out laughing while I just sat there turning tomato red from embarrassment. I had to help clean up the mess using paper towels from the bathroom. Paige was okay and I let her borrow my gym pants. Thankfully, because of our persuasive skills, Paige and I were able to convince Mrs. Peters not to give me detention. Therefore, it is not advised to punch your friend in the stomach just to make her pee

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