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One child,
One child left behind.

I was born on a warm September Night in Great Falls, Montana. I was 6 pounds 12 ounces and as much as everyone knows I was serene. I was born into a mammoth family. My dad was adopted so I technically had three sets of Grandparents. I also had a brother and several Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins. Everyone came to see me after I was born. My entire family lived a matter of hours from us. My family have some strains now, but as far as I know we were content. Two weeks after I was born, my brother had to go to Spokane to have a surgery on his hip. He had fetal alcohol syndrome and that caused him to myriads of physical and mental disabilities. I was left with my 15 year old cousin for 5 days. For …show more content…

My friends were considered the surfer kids. Considering that I didn’t surf I always felt like I was left out. All of the smoked weed. In an attempt to fit in I started to smoke. I didn’t like how it made me feel. I wasn’t in control. I couldn’t stop it. I felt like I needed to fit in. My grades began to drop. I felt ashamed. When I got my first F in math I knew I needed to stop. It so much courage for me to tell them I couldn’t be their friends anymore. I still sometimes think of what might of happened if I didn’t stop. I’m happy I did. On Fourteenth birthday, my parents told me that we were moving to Montana. I didn’t want to. I actually hated the idea of it. I had so many friends and life was actually going good for me. Until it happened. He is someone that I loved. He is someone that I spent every second with. Until he hurt me. I made a mistake that I regret it more than anything. I hate myself for it. It was all because of him. I can’t believe that he manipulated me into things. I will regret you for the rest of my goddamn life. I will regret everything I did with you. He hurt me and made my life go in a downward …show more content…

I hate to see how much all of it affects you. I hate to see you cry when it all hurts you. But you never even try to help yourself. You don’t even try to be happy. I hate that you make me do everything all the time. I always have to be the adult. I am always the one who cooks and cleans and makes sure that the dogs are fed. You don’t even understand what it's like to be a 14 year old that can’t go to her boyfriends baseball games since she has to be at home making sure that you guys are okay. I hate that you do this shit to me. I hate that we are going through the same shit but I’m the one that has to be the grown

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