Personal Narrative: And Then Came Middle School

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And Then Came Middle School
There is a picture on my fridge of my two best friends and me on the last day of Kindergarten, rosy red cheeks, smiles that could light up the night on our faces, the innocence of being five years old beaming from our bright eyes. An image that might outlast our friendship, but will forever be in my mind. All through Elementary school these two remained my best friends. Our little circle of friendship slowly grew as more people started to enter our lives for different reasons and we developed small friendships that threatened to pierce the bubble of our little trio. Nevertheless, our friendship didn’t falter. I believed this was the way friendship would always be: a tight-knit group who would alway be by each other's’ sides, through thick and thin. And then came middle school. …show more content…

For me, it was a rough time and like many, I regret the way I acted and treated people. Middle school was the wedge that drove our circle of friendship apart. We started having fewer classes with each other, forcing us to branch out our friend group more. Like a balloon with too much air blown into it, our friend group popped. Lily, Katlynn and I were eventually separated and I had begun to branch out and make friends with people I never thought I would. Looking back now, I can tell the type friends I made were not meant ones to be in my life forever. I never had a person with whom I hung out every weekend, or told every part of my life to. No one had known me as well as Lily and Katlynn used to. I had become a floater. I didn’t belong to one stereotypical social group, but made friends with most every person I

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