Personal Narrative-Best Sports Player

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Our team just started so the season today and we need to start with a bang so our starting line up is the best players on the team. “FWEEP!” we start with the ball and it goes to Donaldo who plays ith to me than I ply it to JJ and then it’s out of then I throw it in. After the keeper got the ball he took the goal kick, it went down the field and Milford got a shot but Holden gets a diving save and it’s a good one too Milford gets the corner but it’s cleared out and Donaldo received the ball and we went to goal again this time I got the ball played to me than I played it back to Donaldo who takes a shot but the keeper gets the save. Than he punted the ball and Jay’Quan picks it out of the air and it goes to Mark who dribbles the ball past…show more content…
We try to get it out but Milford’s tall forward knocks it down and takes a shot it gets deflected and Milford shoots again and this time it’s a goal Brian our other keeper is in net But there’s still a chance we can win “FWEEP” and another kickoff I get the ball and dribble really far than pass to JJ who crosses the ball but it’s out of bounds “Sub Ref,” my dad says to (or everyone else coach) and Daniel is on and Joell is off so than milford gets a break away but Wilson slides in and gets it out and knocks the kid down and what I heard from the kid was “WHAT THE HECK!” So than it’s a corner but no goal so than the goal kick is taken and it goes to Mark and he’s at the arc of the box he pulls his foot back. “He’s locked, loaded and ready to score,” I think to myself. His left foot goes towards the ball and strikes it and I see it sail through the sky into the top corner just like in a videogame and then it’s a pretty normal game but after a while the have a breakaway and there tallest fastest guy he’s by me Jay’Quan is racing after him but when he gets in the box he puts it way wide after that there’s a corner and number 11 (which is the tall guy)tries for a bicycle kick but misses and then there’s like a mob in the keeper box but Holden clears it out “FWEEP FWEEP FWEEP”and the game is over WH-2
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