Personal Narrative: Big E

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I had always been a “big” kid. That is what everyone said about me ever since I could remember being called “Big E” from my family, just like the hockey player Eric Lindros. Because of that I never had a problem with the terminology. In fact, I rather enjoyed being called that because it made me feel powerful and respected, like no one was going to have the nerve to pick on me because of my size. Other terms like “husky” and “big-boned” never incited any sort of hatred towards me or the people who said it (seeing as how they were always used in a comedic fashion). I loved getting that extra peace of steak at the end of dinner or the last piece of pizza because everyone knew I wanted it, even though I truly shouldn’t have had it.
Obviously I had
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But this one felt different. My doctor started to list off all of these different exercise and dietary programs for overweight teens, and he also set up another appointment for me six months later specifically for my weight. In my mind at that moment, I pictured myself in one of those so-called “fat camps” with an obese kid, drenched in sweat, trying to catch the donut on a string only a couple feet in front of the treadmill. Never in a million years did I image that very kid to be me. There was no sudden epiphany to lose weight. Only the slap in the face I needed to get myself off the couch. And so I began.
I began to track my weight every week until the start of sophomore year in September. I was amazed at the progress I had made in just two months of exercising and eating right. I lost almost twenty pounds going from 236 lbs. to 217 lbs. After maintaining that weight for the first half of the school year, I then returned to my exercise routine in the spring and began losing more and more. By the end of school I as nearing an even 200 lbs. and by the middle of the summer had dropped to a tremendous 185
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