Personal Narrative: Child Abuse

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I fell asleep just in the middle of the hallway hoping that all of this was just a dream. I woke up feeling like i had been drinking all last night. I hated myself for killing an innocent cat. I went outside because i felt like i had to because i was so disgusted. I threw up all my insides so i went back inside to ask for treats to possibly to feel better about myself and this whole situation. I went over to the main room to beg to fill my empty stomach. The mom got up and fed me a decent amount of treats. This made me feel great for the time being totally forgetting about the cat and the whole fight. Once i ate them all i felt that sadness and sickness that was lurking in me still. I figure that the treats were a temporary cure for the disease…show more content…
I walked through the gate that was still barely open. I walked down the alley hoping that i could find a cat to talk to so i could get some information about Willow. I Didn't see much but now i was panicked running up and down the alley hoping for any leads about her. I knew that her body wasn't just left there because i had walked over the area where we had the fight and she wasn't there but it brought back memories, bad memories. I kept my pursuit to find anybody, i sweat was dripping down my face but i was not giving up. I than turned around again to run to the other side of the alley in hope to find some cat. I saw one i ran over to it not caring if i was the least bit intimidating i was so focused on my main goal to set everything straight. I greeted my self and turns out that it was her broth. I was scared that this cat was crazy to kill me especially after what i had done to his sister. I backed off as the cat got close to the ground ready to pounce on me. I was not ready to fight and after what i promised my self i was just going to run away if…show more content…
Once i gt out of the room i went to my normal ways. I stretched and went into the main room to see the family. I saw all of them and even the dog. I remembered what i promised and thought that i would probably not keep that promise because of this dog. He was so terrible and he was always getting all of the attention. I still wished that he was gone. The day was going by and i was sleeping a lot because all of the running around that i have been doing recently. Soon night came, the days seemed to go by so fast and it felt like it was so repetitive even though something different would happen every night the days were short and lame. I always had liked the daytime but i was always asleep during the duration of it. It was now getting dark and the sun was going down so i decided to go outside and hunt because i didn't want to go outside of the fence and run into anymore trouble, in fact i never wanted to go out there ever again. I stood on the sidewalk looking into the yard that was still somewhat lit up by the sun. It was actually a great time to hunt because animals and insects were out and i could see quite well. I looked and looked until i saw moving in the
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