Child Abuse And An Abusive Past

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No one ever considers who may have had an abusive past. Take for instants Kane Blacque, a successful and happy man from Edmonton, Canada. He is a loving husband with a wonderful job and a new puppy. However, few people realize that he suffered from child abuse from his own mother and multiple foster homes. Blacque’s mother mistreated her children so poorly that she had killed his baby sister. From that point on Blacque and his brother bounced from one foster home to the next. Blacque claims that he was abused emotionally, sexually, and physically at the various foster homes he lived in. He eventually ages out of the system, but that did not bring happy times. Blacque found his way into drugs, alcohol, prostitution, and he even tried to commit suicide multiple times. It took Blacque many years to find actual purpose in his life, but when he did he understood that the past made him into the person he is today. Blacque only brought up the painful memories of being abused as a child to Global News after a four-year old girl was abused to death in the care of a foster family. Blacque himself states that “social workers had noticed bruises on my arms, or burns-but nothing was ever done.” Blacque’s point is that the system he was in thirty-seven years ago, is still turning a blind eye to the abuse that is happening in foster homes. Very few people can make the slow recovery from abuse like Blacque could, however, many end up like the unfortunate four-year old. In…

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