Personal Narrative: Colonial American Civil War

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In general, in the earlier years as a black male, I would probably be born in Africa living with the rest of my family and secluded from other countries impact on my religion, culture recreation. However, that would eventually change as westerners would have came and involuntary capture me, my family and the rest of my village and put us in large sea going vessels that would be packed with hundreds in a unsanitary environment. Therefore, some would survive the journey and some will not and the one who did survive probably wish they didn’t. I would have sold to the highest Labor and separated from my family. I would eventually be working in the plantation field probably on the North America, eastern coast because of European interest in tobacco.…show more content…
Ultimately, I would have married and had children and would have died at an early age because inadequate medical supplies and my 4th and 5th generations would have experience America’s Civil War in which the North and South would engage in a huge battle and slavery were the root cause of the war. For the most part, slaves ran away and joined the Northern Soldiers and fought against the Southern, there former bosses and help the Northerners win the greatest battle in American History. Eventually, President Lincoln would have signed a new law freeing all slaves.

Reich, J. (2011). Colonial American; Sixth Edition. Prentice Hall. Boston.
In general, Reich’s book offer the life of my life would have been as an African American male between the ages 15th to 18th in the English Colonies. For the most part, I would have been a slave during these years a separated from fellow Africans and sold in North America as a slave. Reich brought to the light the in his book that the Royal African Company was granted a monopoly of the English slave trade, which it was held in 1689 (Reich, 2011, p. 115). The slave trade became popular in the New World that triggered the modern slave trade that led to
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Therefore, the immigrants trying to get to North America would sell themselves as laborers for the next 4-7 years and would have signed Indenture Servant contracts to help pay for the trip and they would be sold to those who were in need of laborers (Indentured Servants in Colonial America, “n.d.”). In fact, there were some advantages and disadvantages between Indentured servants and slaves, according to Reich (2011), “ When legally freed, indentured servants typically received the freedom dues referred to a earlier set of clothes, a barrel of corn, an ax, a hoe, and a parcel of land” (p. 117). Therefore, because of the color of my skin and how my race was viewed, I would not have received any of these
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