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Assignment: Unit 6 Review Questions Student Name: Score: (___/99)*50= ___/50 Part 1: Life on the Great Plains (22 points) Describe the changes that took place on the Great Plains before and after the Civil War. Do this by filling in the chart provided by using the text and the internet. Make sure that all answers are complete. The first section has been done for you. Category: People Pre-Civil War: Sioux, Cheyenne, Arapahoe, Nez Perce Post-Civil War: Farmers, Ranchers Category: Building Materials Pre-Civil War: Buffalo Remains Post-Civil War: Bricks of sod Category: Food Supply Pre-Civil War: Buffalo Post-Civil War: Farms and domestic animals Category: Homes Pre-Civil War: Shelters Post-Civil War:…show more content…
The little children are freezing to death. My people, some of them, have run away to the hills, and have no blankets, no food. No one knows where they are -- perhaps freezing to death. I want to have time to look for my children, and see how many of them I can find. Maybe I shall find them among the dead. Hear me, my chiefs! I am tired. My heart is sick and sad. From where the sun now stands I will fight no more forever." D0JmkpLBwcHSQlVF9JX1hVQV9ATykADQpUXV1QSkJJXkBRSE9JV1hZWS4KHAQGFwIcARlMChxKWwlbWRpPGB5PCxsf Answer the following question using complete sentences. 1. List at least five reasons why Chief Joseph made the decision to surrender. -A large amount of the tribe had died -Those who are still alive are suffering -The tribe is disoriented from all the fleeing and fighting -They lack survival supplies -They have suffered enough from fighting and fleeing 2. How do Chief Joseph words reveal his moral qualities? -He spoke about the tribe as individuals naming those who had been lost and worried for the sake of his people lacking the necessary supplies to survive. He also mentioned wishing to search for those who had been lost in the battle. Part 3: Answer the following questions based on your reading of the “The Significance of the Frontier in American History.” (8 points) 1. Why did Turner believe that the American frontier was different from the European frontier? 2. According to Turner, how

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