Personal Narrative: Confused

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Sanjidah Chowdhury Unsure. Confused. Scared. NYU from the beginning has caused a whirlwind of emotions to course through me. Everything was new and unknown but everything was new and unknown. At first, it was exciting and then terrifying. Welcome Week was all fun and games, but now I had to get back to the reality of college being work. I was no longer a child but an adult. Not only did I have to deal with the college world but the real world as well. Balance is hard to achieve at any point but simultaneously trying to be an adult at the same time isn't exactly a cake walk. Unsure. The morning of the first day of classes , all my thoughts were consumed by the thought of getting lost on the subway system. It wasn't an unknown system nor was I unfamiliar on how to get to NYU, doing it numerous times for Welcome Week. I was just unsure if I was going to make it to class. For my first class not only did it I make it there in one piece, I was an hour early. That hour though allowed me to take a breather and enjoy the fact that I had made to college. It was something that I really didn't realize until that moment. I looked around and then the panic set in again. Everyone looked like they knew what…show more content…
As I started working through my feelings of uncertainty, life happened and I had to deal with it. The Sunday before the first day of classes, not only was I panicking about using the trains or how to get to Park Ave from Cantor Film Center but I was worrying. I received news that Sunday that my cousin, Sharmin, was diagnosed as terminal. It meant she was no longer receiving treatment for her cancer. It meant that every phone ring could come with news of her death. Its a waiting game my sister describes. A waiting game that no one wants to be apart of. I became confused by what I was supposed to do. I didn't know what to focus on, school or this. I was confused by what my position was in this game which lead to confusion of what my position was at
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