Personal Narrative: Cultural Diversity

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My life is a difficult case that most surgeons turn away because they foresee a terminal ending. Though I am the patient, I have decided to take the scalpel into my own hands because I cannot accept defeat.

Throughout my time at a middle school that lacked cultural diversity, I was surrounded exclusively by Caucasian and Asian students. I was one of five Black kids that had been given the privilege to study at an exclusive middle school in Texas. I remember times in class where I raised my hand and was skipped over like the pair of shoes in a closet you never give a second glance. Add another detail. It made me feel small. All of a sudden being one of the five students of color was not something I said with my chin held high. This privilege felt more like a responsibility.

“I think we're losing the...”

After seeing my grades drop significantly my great-aunt told me, “You were given this opportunity for a reason.”

I grew up with my great-aunt always there to guide me - she is like my second mother. I’m watching her bones get weaker as her diabetes overpowers her aging body but her words continue to grow stronger within me.

“The patient's vitals are leveling out!”

As I
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I challenged myself to not only be the best student but to never lose my voice in the crowd. I reflected on the liberation of my new found confidence in the classroom and founded Generation in Hope. This is an organization I made in partnership with other students in my district because we realized that investing your time in someone can go a long way. It has become an outlet for me and other students to give back to young children. While the children benefitted from receiving tutoring, I saw the impact time and effort could have just like my aunts did on me. The joy I saw on the faces of these young students grew my passion for helping others. Whereas my aunt has acted as the source of my inspiration, I am elated to now inspire
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