Narrative Essay On A Father

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Daddy’s Little Girl Most people would consider having two fathers very lucky, but in my circumstance I have a father and a dad. Although they may seem like the same word or name, they have very different meanings. A father is the man who you are connected to biologically, but does not always support or have a relationship with you. A dad, however, is the man who takes care of you, teaches you right from wrong, is always there for you, and never gives up on you. From the outside looking in I may have two fathers, but in reality I have a father and a dad. About five years ago, I had the best relationship anyone could ask for with my father. I could tell him anything, from good to bad. I remember coming home from school with my first bad grade on a test, I ran to my room, and called my father. I was so hysterical I did not know what to do. My father was always great at calming me down in situations like this, which is why nobody could every replace him. The summer before we left for Oklahoma, my father became engaged to a soon to be step-mother. She seemed very nice, but she is also the reason my father and I lost touch. He moved on to “better things” as he would put it. We use to talk every day, but it soon turned into every other day, then every other week, then every month, and eventually not. The last conversation I had with my father was not the best and I am sure the both of us wish we could take stuff back, but once it is said you cannot erase it. It has now been three

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